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After 20 some years of playing and setting up guitars for local musicians on a casual basis, I saw a need for a different type of guitar setup and repair service than was commonly available in the local Cleveland Ohio area.

Searching for my own needs, I found that there was a lack of shops that would cater to the needs of  the Metal or Rock oriented guitarist. I wanted to make a place where a they could come to get their guitar or rig set up in the way THEY would want it and not necessarily the way a technician with his own set of ideas thought it should be.

Musicians have it hard enough, and I merely wanted to offer more personalized service, in tune with the needs of the particular customer.

And of course, having well maintained, properly setup equipment, is obviously important to feeling comfortable and happy with it. All of that is an important part furthering your musical abilities.

JWGuitars offers quick service for those musicians who don't have multiple guitars and just can't wait three or four weeks to get a service performed.

Get what you want, the way you want it.


Feel free to write with ANY questions